Game Info

You are among the first generation of Jedi after the Purge.

You will be sent on a mission to unravel a mystery -- leading to many decisions that will impact you, your companions, and the galaxy around you. Will you walk the path of the dark side and corrupt others on the way? Or will you walk the light side though it may get in the way of your mission?

Your actions will define you and your destiny…

Revenge of Revan is a total conversion mod for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (PC version). The game will allow players to continue their personal saga, as choices from KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 (including Revan and Jedi Exile's genders and alignments) will carry over -- creating unique experiences in Revenge of Revan.

Players will also have the choice to include events from the TSL Restoration Project.