At the center of the Republic, Coruscant has represented the values and belief in a democratic system that has stood for thousands of years. These values and beliefs have always grown and adapted with each new star system joining the Republic. However, many internal conflicts sit in the heart of the Republic.

With the return of the Jedi Order, Republic officials are dealing with the re-assimilation of a religion that some see as a threat, while others say it is only part of the Republic's past.

The Republic today stands on the edge of a new era. Before they can arrive at peace and prosperity, choices must be made.

Senators have been in conflict concerning restoration projects in the Outer Rim worlds. Many projects, such as the Telos Restoration Project, have shown success. However, the cost factor could be too much to bear with the Republic watching an imminent war between the Hutts and The Exchange.

Adding to the pressure, there have been attacks by an unknown enemy only identified by the military as Phantom Ships.